Montana, Project for Awesome

Hank Green, yes that Hank Green, puts Montana on the map!

Hank Green, of Vlogbrothers, Project for AwesomeDFTBA and other super-awesome-endeavors, sent me pennies! From Montana!

As I’m getting closer to my goal of 1000 pennies, I’ve been trying to convince all my friends to go to the nine states that I’m still missing. Unfortunately, places like Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming are pretty hard to get to.

But as I was watching Hank’s interview with the president, it occurred to me – Hank lives in Montana! It seemed crazy, and a total long shot, but I decided to email him. To my shock and amazement, he not only read and responded to my email, but he also sent me pennies!

Hank pretty much singlehandedly brought me to terms with my Crohn’s Disease with this video. If you’ve ever heard me say “pardon my inflammatory bowel disease,” you can thank him for that. His brother, John, explained the healthcare system to me when five years of medical school couldn’t. Also, he shattered my world when he told me what a velociraptor really was. They also make us all laugh a lot, and they inspire us (or at least me) to try to be more awesome and join them in their mission to decrease worldsuck. So that makes it pretty special to get pennies from Hank. Also, a nerdfighter bumper sticker:

hank pennies reduced


Two of the pennies are from A Carousel for Missoula in Montana, the other two are from the Project for Awesome Indigo campaign. And they’re all signed!
hank pennies3 reducedhankpennies4 reduced

So thank you, Hank, for this and for all your videos. You rock.






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