Squishing pennies all over the globe

Remember those penny squisher machines you see when you go on vacation to tourist hotspots? Well, I want you to squish a penny for me every time you see one. I’m not joking, I really want you to do this! I will even pay you the cost of the penny, the envelope, and the postage to get it to me.

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1. Who doesn’t love paying 51 cents to destroy a piece of US currency that will only buy you 1/100th of a small order of french fries at McDonalds?

2. I’m building a squished-penny coffee table.

Here’s my vision – I want to either build or buy a coffee table and tile the surface of the thing with squished pennies (actually, more accurately called elongated pennies). I picture people sitting in my living room studying this table reading where each penny came from. Somewhere on the table I want to inscribe the names of all the people who contributed pennies.

I did a calculation to figure out how many pennies I would need. Coffee tables vary a lot in size, but a relatively common size appears to be 46 by 30 inches. To cover one of those, with pennies on average being 1.25 by 0.75 inches, I would need approximately 1000 pennies. And this is why I want you to squish, too!

Some of the pennies in the collection:

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