Pennies from Troegs Brewery

When my sister texted me to ask if I could pick up some Troegs Mad Elf beer on my way to Cincinnati, I originally told her no, because I was in New York City and wasn’t going to be passing through Pittsburgh during beer distributor open hours. But then, I learned that the brewery was actually just off the highway in Hershey, PA on my route from NYC. So I figured, if any place is going to have it in stock, it’ll be the six pack shop in the place that makes the stuff! Perfect!

Not so much. I walk in, all excited that I made it in time despite the horrors of New Jersey traffic in “wintry mix” weather, and they tell me they’ve been out since early December. Apparently there’s a six pack shop down the street, though, which might have it in stock. Meanwhile, I’m redirecting my excitement to the penny machine they had in said six pack shop – except now I find I must have spent the $5 bill I thought I had in my wallet and I have no cash whatsoever. The brewery is fresh out of ATMs, too, so I went out to my car, barely scrounged $1.55 in dimes and nickels from my console. The very patient cashier (who must have thought I was nuts by this point) converted them into pennies and quarters to make these very much worthwhile pennies.

troegs pennies

And luckily for my sister, the six-pack shop had the beer :-)


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