About the Project

I used to collect squished pennies everywhere I went as a kid – there’s something satisfying about putting a penny into one of those machines and cranking it into something new. In the back of my mind, I’d always wanted to do some type of project with them. And now I’ve finally decided to just go for it!

When I have enough pennies, I plan to either build or buy a coffee table (I may enlist the help of the Tech Shop that’s opening in Pittsburgh soon that I’m now a member of), and cover it with the pennies I’ve collected. Somewhere on the table I want to inscribe the names of all the people who have helped. I would love to have your help in doing it and for that, I need pennies!

You can send pennies to:

Julia Morley
PO Box 8232
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

If you give me an e-mail address and tell me how much it cost, I can paypal you the cost of the pennies and the postage. I also love to trade, the duplicate pennies that I can trade are listed here.

Go to this page for a list of penny machines near you. You never know where you might find one!

Click here to see the pennies I have so far and here to see them on a nifty little Google Map.

Thanks everyone, you all mean so much to me!


  1. Hi Julia,

    I can get four pennies for you, if you like, but I wanted to check first as you might say it works out too expensive. I live in England and there’s a machine in Oxford (http://www.pennycollector.com/Details.aspx?location=95996). As you can see, it costs £1 a penny. So, adding the cost of making four pennies for you to what I estimate the postage cost would be, it would total about £6-£7 (plus the four pennies :p). I don’t know the exchange rate into dollars at the moment, but I think that might mean it would cost you a fair bit. Would you still be interested? Let me know if you are and I will get them squished and in the post :).

    I think this is a really great project and I’d love to be a part of it. I hope you succeed.


    1. That would be absolutely wonderful! Let me know exactly how much it is and I can send you the money via paypal :-)

      And thank you so much!

      1. Yay, how exciting! I think the designs on the Oxford pennies are gorgeous, don’t you? I just put 8 pennies in my purse ready to go squish them as I decided I had to get myself a set too :p.
        Okay, so I’ll squish them and post them with a note in with my email address on, then you can email me and I can let you know the proper price.
        I’m really excited to get to send you some. Expect an envelope from me in… well, it might take a couple of weeks for international postage. But look forward to it arriving in the mail!

        1. Okay, I just put the pennies in the post for you. My email address was on a note inside for paypal… In total it was £6. 20 (£4 for 4 pennies, plus £2.20 in postage).
          I hope you like them, I think the designs are really lovely. And am I right in thinking these might be the first international ones to join your collection? :)
          Make sure to let me know when they’ve arrived and what you think of them!

  2. Oh man, why didn’t you let me know about this earlier? They have these machines at theme parks, and I was just at Legoland, Busch Gardens, and Kennedy Space Center.

  3. … and I had finally convinced myself that the most expensive way to build something was out of LEGO parts. :) I hope I can find some of these to send to you. Good luck, Julia!

  4. I found one while packing.. its a cat in the hat one from universal studios florida.. i will mail it in a few weeks.. i would mail it sooner but i am leaving on monday and i have loads of packing to do.. i did print your address so i will know where to send it ^_^

  5. Hi, I have just discovered your blog (I found it through the circle skirt pattern on burdastyle) and I would definitely love to send you any pennies I get over the summer – I’m a huge fan too! Your project is so inspiring – you don’t have to worry about giving me the money back, I’m only 15 so I don’t have a paypal account. I’ll keep in touch!

      1. The pennies can be from anywhere in the world, I love getting them from other countries!

        And thanks so much for your support, it means a lot :-)

  6. hi have you heard of http://www.swap-bot.com/ ? there’s a penny swapping group! I’m involved and we have 3 swaps coming up, just search for the group “Elongated / Pressed Penny Collectors”. we need more members so it would be great if you can join!

  7. Hi, Julia! What a great project! On Monday, I will put a set of 4 in the mail to you. They are from Katy Texas where I live. It’s a suburb of Houston. According to your map, I’m the only one so far from Texas. The ECs are my gift to you- no payment, please. It’s enough just to be represented on your table! You go, girl!!!

  8. Julia, I found the Pitt Panther Penny and I’m putting together some from WV and VA. Let me know how you make out with the Kennywood pennies! Good luck with the project.

  9. Hi Julia,

    there are 8 pennies on the way to you – actually they should have arrived a while ago. I am a bit worried that they got lost on the long way over the ocean… Ines

    1. oh no! When did you send them? I haven’t seen them, but it’s been about a week since I last looked checked my PO box, so maybe they’re in there waiting for me?

  10. Hi Julia,

    I sent it a month ago. Mail can take long sometimes, but I wouldn’t expect anything longer than 2 weeks for the normal airmail :( Maybe the metal detector didn’t like it…

    1. They were in my PO Box today! I think it was a problem on my post office’s end, there was some other mail delivered quite late, too. Thanks so much!!!

  11. Hi Julia. I travel a lot for work and usually try and get a smashed penny from everywhere I go. I think I met you on a flight to Sacramento a while ago and you gave me your card about this project. I lost it and just recently found the website. Do you still need pennies?

    1. I do still need pennies! You can mail them to PO Box 8232, Pittsburgh PA 15217 and if you give me an email address I’ll gladly PayPal you the cost of any pennies you send :-)

      Thanks so much!

  12. Ah, so glad to see this project is still going, and that you’re so close to completion! I’ve been looking out for pennies for you for the last three years, although I’m afraid I only have two set aside at the moment… But they just installed a machine in Cambridge and I go there fairly often, so I’ll have to hunt it down and press you some more pennies! After all, I sent you ones from Oxford before, I ought to make sure you have Cambridge too :D.
    M x

  13. Hi Julia, are you still collecting? I have three pennies from Berlin and two from Switzerland. Latter in silver unfortunately. Let me know if you want them, otherwise I keep them as a memory (dinosaur museum!). Also, did the Perth Pennies arrive (also silver, around May or June 2015?) Ines

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