Frequently Asked Questions

Is every penny going to be different?
Yes! Each penny on the table will be unique. One thousand different pennies may sound hard to achieve, but there are actually a huge number or penny machines out there and some of them have multiple designs in them! For example, Chicago alone has 135 different pennies available if you hunt them down. The San Diego Zoo alone has 74 of them. If you accidentally send me one I already have, don’t worry about it, I can either trade if for different pennies or put it into my next project!

You can buy these pennies on e-Bay, why don’t you just do that?
You’re right, I could do that, but I think the project means so much more if each penny has a person and a story behind it. This project is meant to make you think about where each penny came from, that a person went out and squished that penny and then was kind enough to contribute it in the name of a collaborative art piece. It’s not about the pennies, it’s about the people and the places :-)

Can you trade pennies with me instead of reimbursing me?
Sure! I would truly love to send you a penny in return. I have access to most of the Pittsburgh penny machines and would be happy to send you one of those or you can look at my list of duplicate pennies up for trade here. Perhaps you could make your own coffee table?

Isn’t it a bad idea to share your address on the internet?
I really appreciate the people who have shown concern on this matter! When my LEGO(r) ship in a bottle (here) went viral I quickly learned that no one has quite as much privacy on the internet as they like to think. Sharing a PO box address (in case you were wondering, I don’t live in the PO box) isn’t likely to add much more risk to my already relatively public internet identity. And if it does, it’s a risk I’m willing to take. But really, please don’t camp my PO box in hopes of kidnapping me, it would really ruin my day.

Will you take old squished pennies or pennies I squished when I was a kid?
Absolutely! If you’re willing to send me your collection of pennies you’ve squished over the years, I would love to take them! But don’t give me anything that has sentimental value that you would miss, I’m not looking to take away your childhood memories 😉

Can I send you pennies from outside of the United States?
Yes! Please do! And I will still reimburse you cost and shipping so long as you have access to PayPal.

What about coins that aren’t pennies – like quarters and 5 Euro cent pieces?
There’s a place for all of those in the project! I just call it the penny project because the elongated penny is the most common one you see.

Can I send you a bunch of the same penny?
Please don’t! Since I want each penny on the table to be unique, if you send me ten of the same penny I won’t be able to use the other nine. And I won’t reimburse you if you do that to me, I’m a starving student and I can’t afford that :-) You can send me 10 pennies from the same place if they have different pictures on them, though!

Will you take pennies that were flattened on train tracks?
I am still interested in those! They represent a different type of penny flattening experience, but a penny flattening experience none-the-less. If I get enough of them, I would like to use them as a border on the table. Just let me know where the train flattened the penny. Also, I have to say that I DO NOT condone this behavior, standing on active train tracks is dangerous and can get you killed (trains can flatten you just like they can flatten pennies). But if you’ve already done it, I’ll certainly take your penny.

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